Android POS Terminal

Android Point-of-Sales (Android POS)  for Retail, Kiosk, and Mobile Van Sales business

Our POS system is specifically designed to run on Android platform, hence the name AndroidPOS, to cater for today's demand for mobility, light-weight and cost-friendly environment.

WHY SEAMLEZ Android POS for Retail, Kiosk, and Mobile Van Sales business?

Experience. Simplicity. Relationships.
We understand that putting together all the right hardware pieces to make your POS System run smoothly can be tricky. So, we’ve worked hard to take the guesswork out of it. That means no more scouring the internet and scratching your head about what works with what, and which goes with which. And, we’ve got the inventory on hand so we can get it to you fast, replace it just as fast if it breaks, and bring a level of expertise and experience that ensures you’ll get exactly what you need to get up and running so you can focus on what matters most – your business.

Seamlez Android POS Features transform from traditional way

  • Fast Delivery
    Product is ready and just needs to customize in order to fix your business.

  • GST Compliance
    GST compliance - Tax code configuration, generation of GAT file, transaction keeping for future audit, simple Tax invoices and Full Tax invoices and etc.

  • Easy to install
    Ease to install and setup. Unlike other POS in the market, our SEAMLEZ POS is designed to run with a few steps of configuration. Upon installation, just create the master data with our simple setup screens and it is ready to go!

  • Support Cloud (Cloud POS)
    Support cloud (Cloud POS) as well as standalone.

  • Secure
    High security cashier login and logout and authorization control with password and access level.

  • Support Hardware
    Optional data input by PLU code or barcode and QR code scanning.

  • Multi Report Available
    - X-report allows user to print current sales before day end closing.
    - Z-report printing after day end closing.

  • Support Bluetooth feature
    Additional support for bluetooth receipt printers, barcode scanner for mobile sales.

Suitable for
  • Retailers
  • Kiosk
  • Exhibition Booths
  • Mobile Van Sales

Sleeker & more Portable Devices

It’s not just features that have evolved. Thanks to the proliferation of mobile devices, retail point of sale solutions now look better than ever. Clunky registers and bulky computers are being replaced by sleek tablets and phones. These devices not only look good and save space, but they also help retailers improve the shopping experience.

Why Android ?

Developer friendly operating system makes it easier to innovate. When you buy from us, we keep up with the future, so your business stays in the present, not the past.

A more affordable platform, because they don’t have a vice grip on their own hardware.

Built-in SQLite, the most widely used database engine on earth. Our Android Point of Sale is a truly native app, so the integration is seamless.

Best battery life on the market.

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